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Hurricane Sally?

This Tropical storm is not giving the people of South Mississippi and Louisiana much time to move out of her way. Having lived in the south all my life I know its hard to pack up and leave home for every storm. I know there are many of you who think stay home and protect what is mine. This can become very dangerous very fast. Take the lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Michael. Hurricane Michael hitting the Panama City, Florida area in 2018 many of these people have lived their whole life with storms hitting the area. Every one of the people said they would never stay for a storm again. These people video taped their homes blowing apart, roofs including the decking and rafters blowing away leaving their homes interior open to the storms violent winds and rain. It also left them and their families unprotected from the elements including the flying debris. Most of these homeowners would later tell me that they felt like they where suffering from PTSD and that this experience was by far the most frightening thing they had ever lived through. I know no one would intentionally do this to themselves or their family. We all know about the total devastation that Katrina laid down in Louisiana and Mississippi but do we remember the loss of life that these storms bring. NOAA is currently telling us that Sally will be a cat 2 Hurricane before land fall. Take the time before this storm to Video all your assets. Review the NOAA Hurricane web site and the FEMA site to refresh ourselves on best safe practices before, during, and after a Hurricane. They recommend covering your windows with 5/8" plywood for protection from flying debris. If you must stay home do so in an interior room of the home such as a hallway. We should also take the time to pray for the health and safety of everyone in this area. Follow all of the directives from your local officials. They have every ones best interest at heart. The hard working crews of Superior are standing by, ready to help should the need arise.

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